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Jun v. Chaffey Joint Union High SD, et al.

Minivan v. Pedestrian

Decedent was crossing a 4-lane road and was struck by a minivan. Site inspection with scan.

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Delgadillo v. City of Santa Barbara

Auto v. Bicycle

Alleged obstruction of view from City garbage truck.

Surveillance camera match; simulation; full 3D visualization with three different driver views and shadow-to-sun transition; systematic rebuttal of plaintiff’s video “visualization.”

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Stephan v. Mavic

Solo Bicycle

Quick release safety tab claim. Quadriplegic. 

Drum Testing

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Sheth v. Schneider National

Auto v. Tractor-Trailer

3D simulation with multiple impacts and steer reversals; 3D visualization with pre-dawn lighting from animator.

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Won v. City of Los Angeles

Truck v. Pedestrian

Simulation; full 3D visualization with keyed driver camera & line-of-sight obstructions, pedestrian follow view

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Gore v. Trek

Solo Bicycle - Product Liability

Fork broke in lateral loading, plaintiff went over the handlebars. Inspections of Bicycle, Site and Testing of materials. 

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Kim v. O'Reilly Automotive

Semi v. Auto

International Trans Star big rig collides head-on with Toyota on freeway.

Vehicle Inspections, ECM download and testing. 

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Rivas v. JB Hunt

Truck v. Auto

Broadside collision - alleged red light. Traumatic brain injury.

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Huayanca v. City of Baldwin Park

Bus v. Pedestrian

Plaintiff crossed on crosswalk, hit by bus.  Amputee.

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Rodriguez & Aldema v. Berlin

Motorcycle v. Auto

Stop sign dispute, motorcycle collided with front left fender.

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