Hourly rate for work performed on a file. Work to include material review, investigation, analysis, travel, deposition testimony, trial testimony, and arbitration testimony. 

Mr. Gerald P. Bretting, PE                                   $395.00

Mr. David R. Thom, MS                                      $395.00


Mr. Alvin Lowi III, PE                                          $350.00


Mr. Michael A. Callahan, BSME                         $250.00


Mr. Beau LeBlanc, BSME                                    $250.00


Mr. Wesley E. Vandiver, ACTAR                          $250.00


Mr. Henricus "Harm" P. Jansen, MS                     $250.00


Mr. Tyler L. Shaw, MSBE                                     $215.00


Mr. Christopher D. Wilhelm, MSME                     $195.00


Mr. Christopher H. Romo, MSME                         $185.00


3-D Modeling and Visualization                           $160.00


Supporting Staff & Administration               $60.00-165.00


  • Airfare, hotel, subsistence, supplies, reproduction costs and similar expenses are billed directly to the file.

  • Auto travel is billed at $.60 per mile plus actual travel time calculated at the above hourly rates.

  • Contract Labor passed through without mark-up.

  • Digital Data Processing Costs (Software, Hardware, Downloads, Uploads, Maintenance Fees, Archiving, etc.) plus actual time at the above hourly rates.

    • 3D Small Scans - $100/scan

    • 3D HDS Site and/or Vehicle Scans - $250/scan

    • Crash Data Retrieval - $100/vehicle

    • ECM Downloads - $100/vehicle

    • Berla Download - $250/vehicle

    • Data Acquisition System - $200/vehicle

    • Sound Meter - $500/use

    • High Speed Camera - $500/day

    • Aerial Image Acquisition - $500/use

    • Photography is billed at $0.85 per image.

    • 8.5 x 11 color prints are billed at $0.75 per page.

    • Vehicle & Exemplar storage fees will be applied as necessary.


Note:  Statements are submitted monthly for work in progress, or as needed. Payment terms are 30 days. Rates are subject to change without further notice.


TIN: 95-4785513

Effective 01/18/18

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P: 310.414.0449